Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evolving first lady of the internet

At last I ported selfish gene algorithm into Python. This algorithm pseudo-code is: 1. Encode some solution into set of genes. 2. Set default probability for each gene. 3. Generate 2 random solutions, according to genes probability. 4. Compare these 2 solutions: for better solution- increase it`s genes probability by some value for worse solution- decrease it`s genes probability by some value 5. Repeat everything from 3, until needed. Now, interesting part. What can we do with selfish gene algorithm ? After seeing this post about genetic programming and evolutionary art, I`ve decided to try something similar. But only by using selfish gene algorithm. I`ve tried 2 experiments - tried to evolve picture of first lady of the internet composed of polygons. And second experiment - lenna picture is evolved as some number of lines. So experiment idea is to generate 2 random images, composed of random polygons (or lines in other experiment) and to compare these 2 images. For image which is more similar to original lenna picture - we increase polygons probability, for other picture - decrease polygons probability. In the long run - "good polygons" tends to group together. Below are the results of these experiments. Evolved pictures of lenna are compiled as frames of animated GIF image. N - is the iteration number (starting from zero): Lena evolved as set of polygons
Original LenaLena evolution: 39614 iterations 100 polygons 3.5 hours experiment code
Lena evolved as set of lines
Original LenaLena evolution: 69471 iterations 200 lines 2.5 hours experiment code
Conclusions: Selfish gene algorithm (sort of evolution strategy algorithm) is suitable for solving search and optimization problems, including generation of evolutionary art :-) Below are final iteration pictures better quality than gif:
Have fun with selfish gene algorithm, genetic algorithms and evolution art !

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